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The Red Hearts, the theatre ensemble of Kulturcentrum Väst, consists of professional artists along with intellectually disabled actors. Our theatre is situated in Stenungsund on the Swedish west coast, an hour north of Göteborg. We play our performances in the whole region of Västra Götaland.

We make dreams come true for people who rarely or never have been told that their dreams are important, and we help them to grow, bloom and to feel their true value. We do it by producing and delivering performing arts of high quality, and by creating meaningful employment in which everybody contributes to the work from their own ability and capacity.

* Crossroads
: An experimental performance without words
* Receiver or Sender? A Forum Theatre play: En pedagogical and interactive performance on the theme of respect
* Phantasia: An interactive magical performance for all ages

Pedagogical training in the Fine Arts for intellectually disabled people:
Drama and performance
* Arts and craft
* Music and singing
* Different drama projects on commission

Lectures, workshops and guidance:
For professionals and staff who work with intellectually disabled people on an educational level, in health facilities or other institutions.

Our artistic director and drama educator Marie Lindblad has developed extra-ordinary methods for teaching intellectually disabled people in ways that develop their abilities beyond all expectations. Artistic performance, a heightened self-confidence and increased social skills are some of the results.

The summer of 2015 we were granted a project fund for developing our methods even further and for writing a pedagogical text, aimed for other organizations and institutions working with our target group in relation to aesthetic education/training.

One of our goals is to found a regional resource centre and to spread our knowledge on a wider scale.

We welcome organizations from other European countries to contact us for an exchange of ideas and plans.

Another goal is to arrange a performing art festival in the Göteborg area of Sweden, with ensembles and organizations including artists and performers with intellectual disabilities from the whole of Europe.

A celebration of the perfection of the imperfection and the desire to express oneself through art, regardless any so called disability.

We are interested in getting in contact with other theatre ensembles and art performers working with intellectually disabled people. Please contact us!

Kajsa Odén, maneger/producer: +46-10-330 09 02,
Marie Lindblad, artistic director +46-735-34 29 68,